5 Best Dating Tips for Women – How to Get Things Moving in the Right Direction

That the dating industry is rife with the possibility of making mistakes would be a gross understatement. When it comes to dating, it appears as though you can make a mistake at any point in time. And to make matters worse, the guy you’re interested in may never say anything about what you’re doing wrong, giving you the opportunity to dig yourself an even deeper hole. What you truly need are some dating advice for women that will help you stay on the correct track when it comes to meeting women.

First and foremost, forget about your ex. It appears to be straightforward, doesn’t it? It’s one of the most important laws of dating, and everyone is aware of it. That may be true in theory, but in practise, ex-partners are brought up far too frequently in conversation. This guideline is particularly crucial during the earlier days of the year.

When you mention something terrible about your ex, your date will perceive you as negative, and he will wonder what you are going to say about him next. Alternatively, if you say something flattering about your ex, your date will question whether you still have feelings for him or her. In either case, bringing up your ex will make you appear unprofessional, so refrain from doing so. Maintain your focus on the person with whom you are conversing, and you will be OK.

Don’t be a phoney when it comes to dating. I’ll let you in on a little secret: most men are fairly straightforward. Guys, on the other hand, are not fans of phoniness. Don’t be afraid to be yourself. When you pretend to be someone you are not, it will make you feel uneasy, and this will manifest itself in different ways in your behaviour. Also, what happens if everything goes according to plan? You can’t go on living a lie indefinitely. Allow the guy to appreciate you for who you are.

Third dating tip: Take it slow! Men and women are fundamentally different and have distinctly different objectives. Without realising it, many women fall into the trap of discussing their desire for a family and a long-term commitment on their first or second date, without realising they are doing so. While this is not always the case, the majority of men will be intimidated and prefer to simply go with the flow of events. Allow yourself to be patient and ease into it.

Dating Tip #4: Don’t downplay or dismiss compliments. This is one of those difficult dating advice for women to follow. This is what happens: the guy compliments her on something, and she immediately responds by contradicting the compliment. When he compliments you on how wonderful your shirt looks, you point out the minuscule stain that your dry cleaned overlooked, or you explain that it’s simply an old item that you tossed on for the occasion. This is not a wise decision. Instead, be courteous and say “thank you” with a grin, as if nothing has happened.
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Dating Tip #5: Don’t be afraid to express yourself. It’s possible that some clarification is in order in this case. What this signifies is that it is OK to express one’s point of view. It is suggested in some lists of dating advice for women that you should simply agree with whatever viewpoint your date takes on the subject. It’s a waste of time! Nobody agrees on everything, and a lot of guys want to be able to have serious conversations with someone they trust. Don’t get into a fight, and don’t be disrespectful, but feel free to express your point of view on many issues.

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